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Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies

By Shiran

Unbelievable Pretzel Peanut Butter Brownies

Salty pretzels, creamy peanut butter, and a fudgy chocolate center make these decadent brownies a sweet and salty heaven. Sweet and salty desserts are very popular anywhere these days and if you try these brownies you’ll understand exactly why. These are now my favorite brownies, and yes, I do realize I say it every single […]

Raspberry White Chocolate Brownies (Blondies)

By Shiran

Raspberry White Chocolate Blondie Brownies

Amazingly fudgy brownies with a delicate white chocolate flavor and bits of fresh raspberries. Any time I get my hands on some fresh raspberries (which unfortunately is a rare occasion around here), the first thing I want to do is pair them with white chocolate. The two are a common combination and, evidently, one of […]

Ultimate Brownie Muffins

By Shiran

Ultimate Brownie Muffins

These are the ultimate brownie muffins—dark, rich, dense, and fudgy with a deep to-die-for chocolate flavor. Brownies are one of my favorite simple desserts in the whole world, and I have more than ten different recipes for them that I make regularly. When it comes to brownies in a muffin form, though, there’s so far […]

Banana and White Chocolate Blondies

By Shiran

Banana Caramel and White Chocolate Blondies #brownies

These amazing blondies are packed with the flavor of white chocolate, caramel, and banana, and are exactly as good as they sound! Every time I get a new cookbook, the first thing I do is go through the recipe index entirely and mark the recipes with my favorite ingredients: bananas, hazelnuts, chocolate, caramel, and peanut […]

Easy Jam bars

By Shiran

Ultimate Jam Bars

Easy to make and super delicious jam bars topped with a crunchy coconut almond streusel. Jam is one of those rare things that are usually too sweet for me, and there are only 2 ways I can bare that sweetness—when it’s paired with butter and bread, or inside baked goods. It is the perfect match […]

Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

By Shiran

AMAZING Peanut Butter Brownies

My new favorite brownie recipe—rich and fudgy with creamy chunks of peanut butter. The moment I took one bite of these brownies, I immediately thought of YOU. I knew you would go crazy for them. I’m trying to think of how to describe just how insanely good they are, but I think you’ll just have […]

Peaches and Cream Crumble Bars

By Shiran

Peaches and Cream Crumble Bars |

With a creamy pie-like filling wrapped in a sweet, crumbly crust, these peach bars are juicy, crunchy, and comforting. It’s been a month since my 30th birthday, and the celebrations are finally winding down. At least I hope so, and everyone else around me probably does, too. I’m not sure if it’s just that I […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars

By Shiran

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars |

Soft yet crunchy layered bars that are the perfect combination of cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie dough. Cookies. Cheesecake. Chocolate Chips. Need I say more? These bars are ridiculously good, even more so than they sound, and cheesecake sandwiched between soft chocolate chip cookies sounds pretty great! Cookies: This is my favorite recipe for cookie bars […]

Versatile Granola Bars

By Shiran

Homemade granola bars are a deliciously healthy snack, and these particular bars are made even better by the fact that you can add your favorite ingredients! Healthy snacks and I have become best friends lately. I’m not quite sure how that happened. Maybe it’s because of the crazy weather that’s once again changed from cold […]

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