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10 Delicious Easter Desserts

April 4, 2023

Holidays are always a reason to indulge a little, so why not celebrate Easter day with delicious desserts and candies! These are our top 10 favorite delicious Easter Dessert recipes. Many of these recipes are quick and easy to make in case you’re short on time. What will be on your dessert table for Easter this year?

Our favorite dessert recipes for spring and Easter involve marshmallow, lemon, cream cheese, white chocolate, coconut, & carrots. Let’s dive in to our top 10 Delicious Easter Desserts!

Top 10 Delicious Easter Desserts

10) S’mores Pie:

I’m ushering in campfire season already and you can’t stop me! This irresistible chocolate ganache-filled graham cracker crust pie gets topped with a gooey, torched marshmallow meringue. All the flavors of a summer night packed in one delicious pie.

S'mores Pie

9) No-churn Vanilla Ice Cream:

So incredibly rich, creamy and full of vanilla flavor. The best part? It’s made without eggs or an ice cream maker — and only requires three ingredients. Pairs well with #8 & #2 on our list!

vanilla ice cream

8) Amazing Lemon Olive Oil Cake:

A light and tender lemon cake made with olive oil, this simple cake is full of complex flavors. Make this lemon olive oil cake for a sweet snack or a breakfast that’s worth waking up for on Easter morning.

7) Caramel Fudge:

A super simple caramel fudge recipe that’s rich, creamy and full of white chocolate. It’s impossible to resist eating more than one piece. And the best part? It only takes 10 minutes to make!

Caramel Fudge

6) White Chocolate Coconut Truffles:

These 3-ingredient white chocolate truffles are rich, indulgent and coated in shredded coconut! They melt in your mouth as soon as you bite into them and are incredibly easy to make.

White Chocolate Coconut Truffles

5) Meringue Nests:

These beautiful little meringue nests are both crunchy and soft. They will melt in your mouth. Make them large or mini, and fill them with anything you want. We have a crush on lemons, so ours are filled with lemon curd.

Soft and crunchy meringue nests that will melt in your mouth. Make them large or mini, and fill them with anything you want. |

4) Lemon Tart:

Speaking of lemons, this traditional French-style lemon tart with creamy, dreamy lemon curd filling tastes just like the ones in Paris. It has been a favorite recipe in our family and on our blog for years.

Perfect Creamy Lemon Tart |

3) The Best, Easy Coconut Macaroons:

These classic coconut macaroons are crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and only take 5 minutes to make. I’m a sucker for these coconut and chocolate bites of heaven!

Easy Coconut Macaroons

2) Carrot Pistachio Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting:  

Classic, moist carrot cake with the sweet tang of cream cheese and earthy, nuttiness from the pistachios. This cake won’t last long, but it absolutely deserves a spot on your table this year.

1. Classic Vanilla Cupcakes decorated for Easter!

These mild flavored cupcakes are the perfect base to decorate cupcakes with kids. Vanilla buttercream frosting holds its shape well and can be dyed fun colors for Easter! After making my chocolate vegan cake, I had extra coconut chocolate ganache and repurposed it for my eggs to ‘nest’ in. Toasted coconut surrounds the chocolate eggs to give these cupcakes some beautiful SPRING VIBES!


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