Chocolate Pecan Espresso Cake

By Shiran

Chocolate Pecan Espresso cake

Moist and tender espresso cake with delicious bits of pecans and dark chocolate. Coffee is something you either hate or can’t live without, and I’m most certainly a top member of the latter group. In fact, on the rare occasion of skipping my morning coffee, you may want to avoid me for a little while. […]

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse Parfait

By Shiran

Chocolate and Peanut Putter Mousse Parfait #jar

A sweet and salty parfait made with layers of heavenly peanut butter mousse and dark chocolate ganache, and optional layers of peanuts, brownies, and more. I always preferred mousses and jar desserts a little less than what I consider “real” desserts, such as chocolate lava cake, because understandably, they’re much less comforting. But that changed […]

Coconut Cupcakes

By Shiran

Coconut Cupcakes

Delicate coconut cupcakes topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and sweetened shredded coconut. I talk quite often about how picky I am when it comes to cupcakes because the overly-sweet frosting is not really my thing, although the phrase ‘overly-sweet’ is something you’ll rarely ever hear me say. Still, I can easily find myself eating […]

Swedish Cinnamon Buns

By Shiran

Amazing Swedish Cinnamon Buns

Beautiful, soft buns with a hint of cardamom and a delicate buttery cinnamon filling. I haven’t tried many Swedish buns in my life, but the few I have tried left a strong enough impression on my taste buds to make me want to bake them at home from scratch. I finally got the chance to […]

Lemon Sable Cookies

By Shiran

Perfect Lemon Cookies

Soft and crumbly butter cookies with a delicate lemon flavor. Today’s recipe comes from the beautiful bakery Miette in San Francisco. I’ve been in love with this place ever since the first time I set eyes on it. Their mini treats and cakes are flawless and look almost too pretty to eat. Flavor and texture […]

Gluten Free Passover Desserts

By Shiran

Delicious Desserts for Passover

Passover is just around the corner and any holiday is an excuse for me to eat way more than I should. Let’s get the baking started with my favorite flourless Passover sweets!   1. Perfect Pavlova. Just look at it.   2. Fudgy Flourless Chocolate Cake. My favorite year after year.   3. My popular recipe for Two-Ingredient Nutella Mousse. […]

Carrot Muffins

By Shiran

Perfect Carrot Muffins

These carrot muffins are my favorite snack during the day. They aren’t too sweet, are super moist, and have just the perfect amount of spice and crunch. Many people I know secretly love carrot cake only because of the cream cheese frosting that it’s usually paired with. I used to be one of those people, […]

My Food Photography eBook Giveaway!

By Shiran

Food Photography eBook Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! In just two weeks from now I will be launching my new eBook Delicious Food Photography, and today I am giving away five copies! How to Enter the Giveaway Entering is easy, just use the button on the bottom of the page (or click here). Details – Giveaway is open to everyone around the world. […]

Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

By Shiran

Addictive mushroom bites filled with cheeses, nuts, and herbs. They make the perfect brunch appetizer!

These addictive mushroom bites are filled with cheeses, nuts, and herbs, and make the perfect brunch appetizer. Stuffed mushrooms have always been a popular appetizer and the number of variations available are pretty endless. My favorite version is the one I’m used to from home, the one my family has been making for years now […]

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