Chili Con Carne

By Shiran

Chili Con Carne |

This comforting chili con carne stew is rich, full of flavor, and perfect to make for a casual dining with friends. Serve with rice or tortillas for an extremely satisfying meal. I never realized how easy it is to cook chili con carne until one Saturday afternoon when Erez felt like making it. He has […]

Nutella Babka

By Shiran

Nutella Babka |

This comforting babka is made of a soft and airy dough, is loaded with a gooey Nutella filling, and has a crunchy chocolatey topping.   My love for babka, especially chocolate babka, is evident. I eat it every weekend (and 99% of the time during the week, too), and I know each and every babka […]

White Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

By Shiran

White Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie |

A rich, creamy smoothie made with a heavenly combination of strawberries and melted white chocolate. People often ask me how I don’t lose my mind working from home all day long by myself. The truth is, I’m not all by myself; there are cookies, chocolates, and cupcakes all around me, and they fill some of […]

Minestrone Soup

By Shiran

Minestrone Soup |

This hearty minestrone soup gets its delicious flavor from a combination of ingredients such as stock, tomatoes, fresh vegetables, beans, and pasta. It’s already been a few weeks since I got back from Italy, but all the memorable dishes I ate there are still resonating in my head, and as a result I’ve spent the […]

Chocolate Cherry Cake (dairy-free)

By Shiran


This quick-to-make moist, fudgy, chocolatey cake is loaded with cherries and chocolate chips. Chocolate and cherry is an interesting combination; some hate it, and some love it. As you probably guessed, I’m a member of the latter group. I love the twist of cherries in this cake, and the addition of chocolate chips makes it […]

Apple Pancakes

By Shiran

Apple cinnamon pancakes topped with buttery, tender apple pieces |

Full of flavor, these pancakes are filled with cinnamon and topped with buttery, tender apple pieces to make the perfect autumn breakfast. Seems like autumn decided to pass this year and let us skip straight to winter. Yesterday was sunny and brutally hot, but today—out of nowhere—it’s all gray, stormy, and rainy. I’m not complaining […]

Tuscany, Cinque Terre, and Milan (for foodies)

By Shiran

Best of Tuscany (for foodies) |

Every time I travel, I get caught up in the magical moments and tell myself I’ll have to share those experiences with you the moment I get back. However, once I am back home, reality hits with its many daily tasks and details of the trip quickly start to fade away. This trip, however, was […]

Fresh Tomato Salsa

By Shiran

Simple Fresh Tomato Salsa |

This classic red salsa, made with fresh tomatoes, is a breeze to put together and always a crowd pleaser.   If you know me then you know I’ll always find an excuse to eat. That’s why food is an integral part of almost every daily activity of mine. Anything from watching TV to working to […]

Chocolate Ginger Cookies

By Shiran

Chewy Gooey Chocolate Ginger Cookies |

The combination of ginger and chocolate in these spicy, chewy, gooey cookies is simply heavenly and especially perfect for the holidays! Who knew that chocolate and ginger were such great buddies? I didn’t—at least not until I tried these cookies. Surprisingly delicious, they’ve become a favorite of mine, and I make them every time I […]

Perfect Challah

By Shiran

How To Make Challah Bread |

Lightly sweet and dairy-free, this beautiful braided challah has a pillowy texture that no one can resist! I always say that one of the best parts of being Jewish is that you get to eat A LOT of really good food. Or maybe it’s just in my big Jewish family? Either way, this is especially true […]

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