Honey Cake (Dairy-Free)

By Shiran

Honey Cake 230

This moist honey cake will fill your house with a wonderfully sweet and spicy scent. Being dairy-free, this delicious cake is perfect for Rosh Hashanah or any other day of the year! In the Jewish culture, especially in my family in particular, there is one noticeable thing that happens during the holidays – nonstop eating. [...]

Nutella Swirl Cheesecake

By Shiran

Nutella Swirl Cheesecake 550 3

Easy and simple creamy cheesecake swirled with Nutella to make it both pretty and delicious. There it is, the Nutella swirl cheesecake I’ve been wanting to make for a long time now. I intended to make it last week, but remember the little accident I told you about? It wasn’t pretty, but it all worked [...]

Perfect Lemon Cake

By Shiran

Lemon Loaf Cake 230

This is a truly perfect lemon tea cake that’s exceptionally moist, tender, delicate, and bursting with lemon flavor. Tea cakes and loaves can sometimes be dry and flavorless. I’ve tried so many like that before, and it’s always a disappointment. I have found, though, that when using lemons, it’s much easier to make a flavorful [...]

Tropical Green Smoothie

By Shiran

Green Smoothie 230

A beginner-friendly creamy dreamy green smoothie, so delicious and full of fruity tropical flavors that you won’t believe there are greens in it. Packed with vitamins, minerals, iron, potassium, antioxidants, and more. If you asked me a month ago, when I started my diet, if I would be able to do it, I would have [...]

Peach Crumble

By Shiran

Peach Crumble 230

Sweet and tender peaches topped with a crispy, crumbly, nutty streusel topping. Lately, while wandering the streets to relax in the evening, I find myself constantly complaining about the humid weather and wishing it would pass already. I love the cozy winter and I really don’t like to sweat (not appropriate for a lady ) [...]

Refreshing Watermelon Juice

By Shiran

Watermelon Juice 230

Nothing screams summer more than this refreshing watermelon treat. There are moments in life when you wish everything would freeze for a second. Life can get so busy and hectic sometimes, and before you know it, another week or year has passed. I’m sure you know what I mean. The last few months have been [...]

Dinner Rolls

By Shiran

Dinner Rolls 230

Pillowy and fluffy homemade rolls from scratch. These are so perfect, you’ll never need another roll recipe again! Even for a sugar lover like myself, nothing in the world beats the smell of freshly baked bread – except maybe the taste. I can easily eat 2 of these rolls the moment I open my eyes [...]

Mango Muffins with Coconut Streusel

By Shiran

Mango Bread Muffins Coconut Streusel 230 2

Moist, fresh mango muffins with a crunchy coconut streusel topping. Although today didn’t start off on the right foot for me, it turned out to not be all that bad. Let me explain – for awhile now, I’d been planning on making a Nutella cheesecake. I’d been dreaming about it for days and just knew [...]

(A Little Bit of) Everything Granola

By Shiran

Granola 230 2

As the name suggests, this homemade granola is packed with a ton of wonderful ingredients that make it both super healthy and delicious. I have a couple of questions for you. Do you know how to mix ingredients in a bowl? Do you know how to preheat your oven? Then you know how to make [...]

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