Peach Crumb Cake

By Shiran

Peach Crumb Cake |

Moist and tender sour cream coffee cake with juicy peaches and a crunchy crumbly topping. Just when I thought that my favorite coffee cake couldn’t possibly get any better, I decided to add peaches! That’s because there’s a bag full of them laying in my kitchen that my mom gave me last weekend, which isn’t […]

Banoffee Pie

By Shiran

No-Bake Banoffee (bananas and toffee) Pie |

The easiest, quickest, most superb no-bake pie you’ll ever make! Banoffee pie is made of 4 simple layers: cookies, caramel, fresh bananas, and whipped cream. When my friend Rene got back from India, all she could talk about was the popular (and “most amazing thing I’ve ever had in my life!”) banoffee pie that she […]

No-Bake Cheesecake

By Shiran

Perfect No-Bake Cheesecake |

This is my favorite recipe for no-bake cheesecake. It’s simple and quick to make and holds its shape well. Writing my last post about my favorite kitchen products brought back memories from my days as a novice baker. Before having a “real” oven, I used a tiny toaster oven for any baked goods, believing that […]

Berry Sauce

By Shiran

Perfect Berry Sauce |

A fantastically versatile recipe for a thick berry sauce that goes perfect with cheesecake, waffles, ice cream, and more. Since fresh berries are hard to find around here, I usually rely on frozen berries to serve with cheesecakes. Since thawed berries don’t really look attractive, though, I like to use them to make a sauce. […]

Coconut Cake

By Shiran

Perfect Coconut Tea Cake |

This moist, fluffy, delicate coconut cake makes the perfect side to tea. With a slight crunch and subtle coconut flavor, it pairs amazingly well with flavors such as citrus and rum. Along with chocolate chips and peanut butter cups, I used to keep toasted coconut flakes in a secret spot in the kitchen. Much like […]

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

By Shiran

Moist and fluffy lemon poppy seed muffins a deliciously delicate crunch |

Poppy seeds help give these moist, fluffy lemon muffins a deliciously delicate crunch. I promised myself I wouldn’t be making any lemon recipes this month, especially not these lemon muffins, which my family asks for about every other week. While I was taught to never make promises I can’t keep, I’ve heard it’s considered legitimate […]

Nutella Cupcakes

By Shiran

Moist chocolate cupcakes with a creamy dreamy Nutella frosting. |

Moist chocolate cupcakes topped with a creamy dreamy Nutella frosting. If you have zero self-control when it comes to Nutella, like I do, and if you love cupcakes, which couldn’t possibly be more than I do, then you should absolutely consider these cupcakes for your next baking project! At a recent bachelorette party I went […]

Alfajores (Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies)

By Shiran

Classic alfajores filled with dulce de leche and rolled in shredded coconut |

Classic alfajores filled with dulce de leche and rolled in shredded coconut. They are so soft they’ll melt in your mouth! As far as I know, there are two ways of making alfajores: the Argentinean style and the American style. While the latter is usually made of a simple shortbread cookie, the classic Argentinean cookies […]

Ultimate Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

By Shiran

Ultimate cut-out sugar cookies that taste so good! |

The perfect cut-out sugar cookies with neat edges, superb vanilla flavor, and a dreamy dough to work with. Have you ever made sugar cookies that ended up spreading all over your cookie sheet? Then welcome to the club! One time I even placed the cookies so close to each other while baking that I ended […]

Cinnamon Roll Cake

By Shiran

Cinnamon swirl cake that tastes just like cinnamon rolls! |

This moist cake is swirled with a cinnamon-sugar mixture and frosted with a sweet white glaze that makes it taste just like cinnamon rolls – but without the extra work! Days like these remind me of the pure pleasure of having a food blog. It’s not just about baking delicious sweets, but also (actually more) […]

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