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Berry Sauce

By Shiran

Perfect Berry Sauce |

A fantastically versatile recipe for a thick berry sauce that goes perfect with cheesecake, waffles, ice cream, and more. Since fresh berries are hard to find around here, I usually rely on frozen berries to serve with cheesecakes. Since thawed berries don’t really look attractive, though, I like to use them to make a sauce. […]

Whipped Cream

By Shiran

Homemade Whipped Cream |

Easy homemade whipped cream, plus tips such as how to store it, how long it keeps, what flavorings can be added, and more. How many times have you overwhipped your cream to the point that it turns into butter? If your answer is zero, then you’re either lying or a baking genius. I hope you […]

Creme Patissiere

By Shiran

Creme Patissiere (Pastry Cream) |

This classic thick and creamy custard is commonly used as a filling for cakes, tarts, and pastries. How many times in your life do you think you’ve actually had creme patissiere? If your answer is none, like mine was a few years ago, and if you’re a dessert freak, like I’ve been my whole life, […]

Chocolate Ganache

By Shiran

2-ingredient chocolate ganache - perfect as a filling or for glazing desserts such as cakes |

Made with only 2 ingredients, this smooth, silky, shiny chocolate ganache is perfect as a filling or for glazing desserts such as doughnuts and cakes. There’s probably no other recipe in this world that I’ve made more than chocolate ganache. I’ve mentioned it in my other posts more than I can remember, constantly suggesting it […]

Vanilla Sauce

By Shiran

Easy 3-ingredient vanilla sauce |

This is the easiest vanilla sauce recipe ever! It contains only 3 ingredients and goes perfectly on just about anything sweet! Erez and I usually agree on most things. Not when it comes to choosing between vanilla and chocolate. I usually prefer chocolate (obviously), while he goes the more traditional route. The only time I […]

Lemon Curd

By Shiran

Homemade Lemon Curd |

This smooth and luscious lemon curd can be used as a filling, topping, or spread. The recipe is versatile, so you can customize it to suit your own taste. Lemon curd is one of Erez’s favorites, so you can believe me when I say that I’ve made it countless times. Although it may take a […]

Chocolate Frosting

By Shiran

Perfect Chocolate Frosting. |

This creamy, smooth, shiny chocolate frosting is my absolute favorite on layer cakes and cupcakes! This perfect chocolate buttercream icing uses butter and powdered sugar as the base. With both cocoa and melted chocolate to deepen the chocolate flavor, this classic frosting is a chocolate lover’s best friend – especially when paired with a deliciously moist cake […]

Blueberry Glaze

By Shiran

Made with only blueberries and powdered sugar, this thick and sweet glaze tops muffins, cakes, waffles, and more.   Save Print Blueberry Glaze Yields: about 1 cup, enough to drizzle over 12 muffins or 1 loaf cake.   Made with only blueberries and powdered sugar, this thick and sweet glaze tops muffins, cakes, waffles, and more. […]

Basic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

By Shiran

This is the simplest, most classic buttercream recipe. Since I consider buttercream to be a bit too sweet, I add a pinch of salt and lemon juice to cut down on some of that sweetness. However, if you prefer it sweeter, you can choose to omit these ingredients. Add powdered sugar just to the point […]

Cream Cheese Frosting

By Shiran

Best ever cream cheese frosting |

Creamy, fluffy and rich, this melt-in-your-mouth buttery frosting has a slight tang, which makes it not overly sweet.   Save Print Cream Cheese Frosting Yields: 2 cups, enough to frost 24 cupcakes   Ingredients 4 ounces (113 grams) cream cheese, slightly softened to room temperature ½ cup (113 grams/1 stick) unsalted butter, softened to room temperature […]

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